Downrange Technologies, LLC provides custom secure communication architecture, software development, systems engineering and QRC to government agencies, law enforcement and commercial organizations. The goal of Downrange Technologies is bring cutting edge technologies and state of the art techniques to offer secure and robust communications to our customers.

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Innovative, end-to-end solutions that go beyond the expected

We focus on challenging problems. We deliver innovative technical solutions to overcome obstacles experienced at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. We strive to develop trusted relationships with our clients by providing dedicated and relevant technical officers who can collaborate with both end users as well as senior leadership. We iterate quickly and deliver boutique, agile, and tailored solutions to address the exact needs of your mission.


Specialized VPN Services

Web-based software toolkit designed to dynamically provision, configure and enable global secure communications on-demand.


NoMachine is a proprietary computer program that provides desktop and remote access.

Virtual Numbers

International local presence, Call tracking, Direct inward calling and Masked/Anonymous calling.


3CX is a software based private branch exchange based on the SIP standard. It enables extensions to make calls via the public switched telephone network or via VOIP services.


Every aspect of modern cyber security requires advanced technical expertise. With our expertise you will be able to adapt and succeed in the ever-changing digital environment.


Downrange Technologies is staffed and run by former Intelligence and Cyber Professionals with over 15 years of  relevant and operational experience in technology and digital security.


We provide our customers with advanced support, resources, and training to Secure, Control, and Protect their digital identities and assets.

Systems Engineering and Architecture

Downrange Technologies has a team of experienced technology architects dedicated to pre-sales and architectural services. These technologists also provide a variety of services for our clients on a free or fee based engagement. Some of the architecture services we can assist with include solutions design, consulting, or assessment. When engaging our Architects, you will be immediately communicating with a trusted technology expert, specific to your needs.

Digital Signature and Persona Management

Control the privacy of your personal data and discover what information is already public. You may be surprised!

Analyze a variety of information and intelligence relevant to the threats facing the systems, assets, and resources critical to the nation and develop relevant actions and recommendations.