• Services

What we do

Our service offering includes cyber security services and training, including penetration testing, mitigation recommendations, operational security analysis, network vulnerability management programs, and mobile device hardening for everyday use and international travel. We also offer persistent and digital profile management to ensure our customer’s business and personal reputations stay intact.

Our core capabilities

Downrange Technologies is bringing cutting edge technologies and state of the art techniques and best practices to our customers. Including:

  • Systems Engineering, with an emphasis on Globally available secure communications platforms
  • Software Development (Python, Mobile, Bash)
  • Test and Evaluation of Hardware and Software
  • Rapid Design, Development, and Deployment of Technical Solutions and capabilities

Support & Maintenance

Downrange Technologies provides efficient support and maintenance after deployment.

We are great at what we do

Our customers have been working with us for years because we understand their needs and know how to tackle their hardest challenges. Achieving your goals by supporting complex operations is our ultimate objective.  We’ll scale to handle your mission your way: agile, precise, efficient and fast.

Our specialization

Digital Persona Management
Secure Communication Platforms
Web and Mobile Development
Software Engineering
Past Performance
  • Secure Communications

    Secure Networks & Technical Integration

    With Downrange Technologies  Unified Threat Management solutions, you introduce essential baseline protection that is top-rated and simplifies your network infrastructure. This security and simplicity help you focus on growing your business instead of managing your network.

  • Web & Mobile Development

    Webpages & Applications

    Downrange Technologies possesses exceptionally strong expertise in website development using the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with older technologies such as .Net and PHP. We develop solutions for iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile platforms, each serving distinct market segments and specific client needs.

  • Software Engineering & System Architecture

    Systems and Technology

    With 20 years of experience, we know the science of systems engineering — how to “spec,” design, develop, architect and manage systems through their full life cycle. We combine art and science with software engineering and mission-focused application development to create a transformative experience for end users.

  • Penetration Testing

    Protecting you from risks before attacks or breaches occur.

    Intelligently manage vulnerabilities
    • Avoid the cost of network downtime
    • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
    • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty
    As you can see, obtaining a penetration-testing software or hiring a pen-tester to test your network is a proactive effort of protecting your network and business from risks before attacks or security breaches occur.
  • Digital Signature & Persona Management

    Device Security & Identity Protection

    With the rise of data breaches and increasing number of new scams being carried out via text, email, phone calls, social media — you name it — it’s critical that you take steps to protect yourself, your money and your identity

    We employ solutions and TTPs to reduce your digital footprint. No longer will your digital signature follow and highlight your presence as you travel the world.